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Peter Dutton: “No Sense” To Keep Borders Closed

Peter Dutton has called for relaxation of state border closures, claiming that they are not based on medical advice but on political bureaucracy.

The Federal Minister for Home Affairs appeared on Today saying it made “no sense” to keep borders closed along state lines.

“It’s driven by politics at the moment which I just think is frustrating a lot of Queenslanders. We’ve got borders closed with the ACT as well. No cases in the ACT,” Mr Dutton said.
“It’s not based on medical advice and that’s the Prime Minister’s point as well.”

Mr Dutton said that “practical problems” such as separated families from their children or people who are unable to get to work should open the borders.

“In a border town like that between Coolangatta and the Tweed, there is massive disruption and people are trying to get medical attention if they see a specialist on the Tweed or in Coolangatta, or vice versa,” Mr Dutton said.
“These lives are really being disrupt and you’ve got to ask why when the medical advice is not saying that is what is needed.”
At Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk, the minister pointed the finger, who he claims
would keep the border closed to curry favour prior to a state election.
“They don’t have a plan, it’s driven by their polling and research and not in our best interests.
“That I think is regrettable because we want to make sure that we can deal with the threat but there’s no threat in northern NSW.”
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