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Netflix Is Testing ‘Shuffle’ Button For Indecisive Users

A ‘Shuffle Play’ option has been offered to some Netflix users now to take all the trouble out of choosing what to watch. What a time to ‘be alive’.

The new functionality has been rolled out to a limited number of users, and will start streaming a random movie or television show when limited.

Speaking to Variety, Netflix said it hoped Shuffle Play could become a permanent feature if popular.

They went on to suggest the streaming giant would use the test findings to eventually carry out the feature, adding: “The hope is to absolutely productise something.”

A spokesperson said: “The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch.”

Whereas a Netflix spokesperson told TechCrunch that the concept behind the app was to ‘help [its] members quickly and easily find content that’s tailored to their tastes’.

According to Variety the selected random shows will be selected because they are similar to things you’ve watched before, or are from genres you’ve watched before, or from things you have in the section ‘My List.’

Social media reacted to the news:

The new Netflix button ‘shuffle play’ just saved me like 45 minutes to choose a movie I wasn’t even going to watch,” one user said.

Whoa whoa what is this cool “shuffle play” feature on Netflix? It’s amazing and helpful for my indecisive self,” another added.

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