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Community Voting To Change “Offensive” Name


Mornington Peninsula Shire decided to rename the reserve after “community feedback has indicated that the name Blacks Camp is a derogatory term that is inappropriate and offensive to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, creating a barrier for people of that heritage to access the education precinct”

The shire has agreed, with the help of the Bunurong Land Council, to find new names for Blacks Camp Street, the bushland reserve, and pre-school which share the name.

More than 200 artefacts and four Aboriginal sites were found near a source of fresh water in the area in 2004 by an archaeological investigation.

The report concluded that the area had for thousands of years been an important Aboriginal settlement.

Reserve names include: Beek Beak; Burinyong Balug; Mayone Balug; and Ngooraak.

The road and pre-school naming process will be conducted with “the directly affected stakeholders,” and will also be open to community feedback until Monday 21 September.

Preschool names proposed include: Beenap; Tillerkite; and Turrum.

The road names include the following: Decangery Drive and Worwong Avenue.


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