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Victorians will receive boosted payments of $450

Victorian casual staff will earn an extra $150 incentive to remain home while waiting for test results from Covid-19, Premier Daniel Andrews has announced.

The temporary allowance of $300 will go up to $450 in a attempt to keep more people at home while they wait to see whether they are tested positive.

The benefits are applicable to all workers who have no sick leave.

“We think $450 is a better reckoning for the loss of income that they … would simply draw down on their sick leave, and that would be closer to a payment of around $450,” Andrews said on Thursday.

“We think $450 is a fair payment, particularly for people for whom their employment circumstances might lead them to make the choice to not get tested at all or perhaps, get tested but then go to work while they were waiting for the results of those tests.”

He said the new offer came after negotiations with employers, unions and Australians who have already received the $300 payments.

This bonus is in addition to the $1,500 given to employees who actually test positive for COVID without a paid sick leave.

Andrews said the Victorian government has paid out such $300 payments to around 17,000 Victorians so far.

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