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Tornado Hits Victorian town north of Melbourne

On Thursday afternoon, a “weak tornado” tore through a farm just one hour northwest of Melbourne.

Footage shot by a local Woodend at about 5.30pm showed the weather system whirl across a paddock.

This was created as storms were passing through the paddock.

The tornado was short-lived and had only a small area affected.

But it tore through hay bales, tossing them out into the air and leaving in its wake a small trail of destruction.

The Meteorology Bureau has reported that it is a “weak tornado.”

“When ya think you’ve seen it all sunny Woodend,” Josh wrote on Facebook.

On Thursday, Showers showed up across the outskirts of Melbourne but produced less than a millimetre.

Isolated thunderstorms struck central and southeastern parts of the state, with 17 mm dropping in less than an hour at Hillside close to Euroa.

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