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Powerball winner WINS $10million plans to buy new set of teeth

A stunning collection of new teeth is at the top of the shopping list for a grateful guy from Castle Hill who pocketed more than $10.3 million in the Powerball draw.

On Thursday 13 August 2020, the New South Wales man had the only one winning division entry in Powerball draw 1265. He takes home one prize of $10,307,848.53 for the entire division.

He is one winner so far this year, the eighth Powerball team.

Talking to us this morning, the Sydney man from the north-west explained how he discovered his win late last night and had barely slept a wink ever since.

“I checked my ticket during the half time of the Sydney Swans and GSW Giants game last night. I saw I had a few missed calls, but I thought it was my friend trying to rub it in about the match so didn’t answer.

“I looked at my ticket and thought I had won $14.60. But then I realised that was the cost of the ticket.

“I saw how much I had won and I almost fainted.

“Even now I’m perspiring, even though it’s only 14 degrees!

“I haven’t smiled in 20 years because my teeth are so bad. The first thing I want to get are some implants. I’ve spent the night looking at them online.  I didn’t get to sleep until 5.30am this morning because I was just looking at teeth.

“I’ll look like a giraffe when they’re done!” the winner laughed.

The new multi-millionaire revealed he had plenty of other plans for his windfall.

“I was working in the aged care sector until recently, but lost my job because of COVID. Now I can relax. It’s a good time of life to win,” he declared.

“I want to buy my first house as I’m just renting at the moment. An animal charity I support will do well out of this, as will some close friends.

“I’d also love to follow up my family history in Europe when we can travel again. And I’ve always wanted to go the US Masters Golf Tournament – it’s a tournament that just has a mystique about it!

“I can’t believe this is happening.

“You’ve made my life!”

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning marked 12-game entry online at – Australia’s official lotteries.

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