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Melburnians Invited To Stand Outside Their Homes Tonight And Scream

Locked but not beaten, residents of Melbourne are being asked to stand on their front porch and on Friday, let out a collective scream.

The pent-up indignation chorus will begin at 7 pm after the inaugural event last Friday that has created interest in the thousands via social media.

Approximately 24,000 people answered they were “attending” last week’s Facebook gathering, hosted by Tess Roberts as a lighthearted way to address stage four restrictions and the pandemic havoc.

“Everyone’s a bit sad. Just stand on your porch and scream until you feel a bit better. Let’s all unite in our shared depression,” she posted.


Even Aussie rock royalty Jimmy Barnes offered some tips on how to nail a perfect scream.

“I start off a little bit low and then I get higher as I go,” he explains in the video before launching into a yell.

“I find having a good scream really lets out a bit of tension, so it’s a good thing to do.”

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