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Melbourne Surfer FINED After Travelling 140kms To Catch A Good Wave

A surfer who has been driving for more than 140 km in search of better waves is among the latest group of Victorians fined for violating quarantine regulations.

Victoria Police on Sunday said in the past 24 hours, 243 fines had been issued to individuals for violating the orders of the Chief Health Officer.

They included 84 breaches of curfew, 30 at vehicle checkpoints and 28 breaches for failing to wear a face cover without a valid reason.

Police said a man living in Torquay had surfed at Castle Cove for more than 140 km because there were “no waves on the east side.”

Another two men had driven to collect clothes from Bayswater to Bonnie Doon, while during curfew hours four people caught driving in Wyndham said they would buy cigarettes.

In the 24-hour period, police assessed 12,714 vehicles at checkpoints and conducted 4,490 spot checks on individuals in homes, businesses and public places.

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