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Aldi launches a giant Ferrero Rocher frozen dessert

It’s definitely too early to start thinking or even discussing Christmas, but we hate to say it, after seeing this pudding that Aldi supermarket is launching, we ‘re pretty excited for the festive period.

Yes, they are going to sell a gigantic Ferrero Rocher, to enjoy with friends and family in time for Christmas-should we allow them to see by then.

According to Aldi, the ‘Specially Selected Chocolate, Hazelnut and Praline Dome’ will be available during the holiday season and land in stores as a limited edition frozen item from October 26th.

The best part? It’s just $9 sheer delight for 500 g.

According to Kidspot, ALDI Australia could not confirm nor deny if the dessert will be coming to our shores too, saying only that it has yet to release its Christmas range in Australia.⠀

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