24 Year Old Melbourne Artist Goes Missing From Home |
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24 Year Old Melbourne Artist Goes Missing From Home


24 Year Old Melbourne Artist Goes Missing From Home

A young female artist has left her loved ones worried sick after she disappeared from her home after a night out with friends.

Kayla Steffen, 24, was last seen at a property in Lark Street, Altona North, a suburb of Melbourne and is believed to have disappeared in the early hours of Saturday.

Police say she was last seen at her house at around 2.20am which she shares with a man and a woman.

Kayla Steffen (pictured) was last seen by her housemates at Lark Street in Melbourne

Her housemates believe that she may have left the property sometime between 4am to 5am to have a cigarette outside, however when they awoke, she was nowhere to be seen, prompting them to raise the alarm.

Detective Senior Constable Mitchell Montgomery told a media conference on Tuesday that they hold grave concerns over her disappearance but are not treating it as ‘suspicious’.

‘They (her housemates) spoke to her in the lounge and everything seemed normal… we have put in inquires and we don’t think it’s suspicious,’ he said.

Prior to her disappearance, Ms Steffen had been out with her friends the night before, her sister Phoebe said.

She said her sister was having some friendship problems but that it was ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ that could have led to her disappearance.

Everyone who had known Ms Steffen remained perplexed and confused over it, her sister said.

Phoebe said she had contacted all of her sisters friends and visited all of her favourite hang out places which had proven to be futile.

An emotional Facebook (pictured) plea has been put out by Ms Steffen's mother Jo on Saturday

‘She is my best friend and I don’t know what I will do if I don’t see her,  I don’t think I can deal with it,’ she said in tears.

She begged for her sister to make contact or give her some sort of sign indicating that she was alright.

Ms Steffen’s mum Jo Deppeler and her partner Russell Deppeler were also at the media conference and urged her to contact the family as soon as possible.

In a emotional Facebook post, Jo said she was worried sick over her daughter’s disappearance and has pleaded with the public to help locate her.

Kayla’s family hold grave concerns  for her well-being over a medical condition she suffers from, which they did not elaborate on.

Kayla is described as 165cm tall, medium build with long-brown hair featuring purple streaks.




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