Meet Australia's Biggest Burger Weighing In A Staggering 5KG |
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Meet Australia’s Biggest Burger Weighing In A Staggering 5KG


Meet Australia’s Biggest Burger Weighing In A Staggering 5KG

A beef burger weighing 3.5kgs could arguably be the biggest in Australia but so far only a handful of people have ever tasted it.

The Peninuslar Hotel’s chef Tony Moss, who has been making the hotel’s signature dish since joining the business nine years ago, says only a handful of big hamburgers get sold every year.

‘We sell about four to five burgers in six months,’ he said.

Fancy a monster sized burger? Hotel staff Raewin Angelovski (pictured) with the big burger
The Peninsular big hamburger consist of 1.2kg beef patties, five rashers of bacon and five eggs

He said the burger is not available on its menu but had been advertised to patrons through flyers found at the hotel’s premises in Newcomb, a residential suburb of Geelong, Victoria.

Mr Moss added that those interested in pursuing the hotel burger challenge should contact them a day prior to their visit and place their orders.

‘We need a 24 hours’ notice as we have to get in touch with the local baker which makes the bun for us.

‘The bun is specially made for us due to the size.

‘The burger tastes great, and every time I make it, I make sure I keep some for myself to savour later on,’ he said.

Mr Moss added once the bun is in-house, it only takes kitchen staff approximately 25 minutes to assemble the burger from start to finish.

Some patrons attempting the big hamburger challenge which the hotel has run for 10 years 

The 36cm-wide burger is made up of two 1.2kg beef patties, five rashers of bacon, five eggs, and handfuls of caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese and relish.

The ingredients are all sandwiched within three custom-made 30mm buns.

Mr Moss adds that the big hamburger challenge is the brainchild of the hotel’s owner Keith Burns.

A closer up at what you need to eat if one is keen on the Peninsular Hotel burger challenge

The big hamburger challenge cost $35 and sole diners who take up the challenge and successfully demolish the burger within three hours are rewarded with a full refund as well as a $100 cash prize.

Mr Moss said to date only two diners have won the challenge in the last nine years.

The hotel’s big hamburger challenge is available from Monday to Wednesday from 6.30pm onwards.




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