Court VERDICT For 21YO Woman Who Punched and Injured Queensland Paramedic |
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Court VERDICT For 21YO Woman Who Punched and Injured Queensland Paramedic


Court VERDICT For 21YO Woman Who Punched and Injured Queensland Paramedic

A woman who punched a Queensland paramedic trying to treat her in the back of an ambulance has been found not guilty of assault.

Annabel Constance Hart was found unconscious in the bathroom of the Regatta Hotel at Toowong in January 2016.

Paramedic Julz Raven was treating Ms Hart in the back of an ambulance when the 21-year-old woke up and struck her in the face.

Annabel Constance Hart, 21, (pictured) arrives at the magistrates court in Brisbane on Friday
Paramedic Julz Raven as seen outside the magistrate court in Brisbane, Queensland on Friday

Ms Raven suffered black eyes and scratches to her arms.

Ms Hart also struck a male critical care paramedic in the face, dislodging his glasses.

Despite finding Ms Hart did strike the officers, Magistrate Judith Daley acquitted her of two charges of serious assault on Friday because of an unexplained gap in the woman’s evening.

The court heard Ms Hart had been drinking with friends when she left to go to the bathroom.

She remained inside the bathroom for 40 minutes, after which she woke up thinking she had fallen asleep at home and people were trying to push her into a big white truck.

Ms Daley said the only reasonable explanation for Ms Hart’s behaviour was that something happened in the bathroom that caused her to act violently.

Ms Hart struck Ms Raven while being treated in the bathroom of Regatta Hotel in Toowong 

 ‘She didn’t realise she was hurting people trying to help her,’ she said.

Outside court, Queensland Ambulance assistant commissioner Chris Broomfield said the organisation respected the decision of the court and would not appeal the verdicts.

‘Please respect our people, they’re there to help,’ he said.

‘We as an organisation will protect our staff.’

Ms Hart did not comment as she left the court.

Ms Hart, 21, has been found not guilt of the assault against Ms Raven by the Brisbane court 




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